Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinosaur Art Gallery!

Richard Jones, producer of the Gary and Eric dinosaur shows, is at it again on Kickstarter, trying to drum up funds for an online art gallery for dinosaur art! Featured artists at the moment were both involved in the old dinosaur shows: namely William Stout ( and Charles Chiodo (

If you watched any of the old Eric and Gary dino shows, you should instantly recognize William Stout's bright, vibrant, comic-book-esque dinosaurs that were part of his '80s 'The Dinosaurs: A Fantastic View of a Lost Era'.  This book has been updated in the years since as "The New Dinosaurs" featuring newer artwork and dinosaur revisions as our understand of dinosaurs changes.

Charles Chiodo, of the Chiodo Bros. also did various dinosaur artwork for the Gary and Eric dinosaur shows (among other dino shows!), and also had a hand in creating the various stop motion and puppet creations that Gary and Eric interacted with.

So if you want some signed prints or custom artwork from either of those two, be sure to pledge at the Kickstarter!

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