Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, the Kickstarter campaign was a success! Thanks to all the fans out there who helped complete the Gary and Eric dinosaur documentary package, and especially those of you who joined me in the grand tour! Over time I'll have more Gary and Eric stuff to show you, so stay tuned to this blog for more exciting videos and images.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grand Tour!

Hey guys, just wanted to mention the "Grand Tour" reward on the DINOSAURS DINOSAURS DINOSAURS Kickstarter page (

In order for this work, 4 people need to pledge, and then we all have to agree to a date to go on the tour. At the moment two of us have already pledged the amount, so we only need 2 more people! If anyone's interested, just pledge on the Kickstarter, or contact me!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gary and Eric at Kingdom of the Dinosaurs

Here is some raw footage of Gary and Eric at Knotts Berry Farm, on their now defunct ride, Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (1987-2004). You can see a lot of good information on the ride here at the Knotts Preserved website,

This was shot for Son of Dinosaurs, and you may recognize some of the cuts, only now you can hear Richard Jones in the background!

And don't forget about the Kickstarter! We're halfway there and need to keep the momentum going to get all the dinosaur show re-released in their DVD glory!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kickstart A Dinosaur! Save DINOSAURS, DINOSAURS, DINOSAURS From Extinction!

Richard Jones, producer of the Gary and Eric documentaries, has just launched a Kickstarter page to help drum up funds for the next Gary and Eric dinosaur show DVD!
Click that! ^

Is your favorite show not on the first DVD?! (Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs sadly isn't!) Then I bet it's probably on the second! With Kickstarter, you can pledge to donate money (and receive various rewards) and you won't be charged unless the project completes its goal; virtually a non-losing proposition!

I've just donated, but between you and me I have my eye on that Grand Tour package sitting around the 2.5k mark...if any 3 people wanna split  625 bucks with me we, drop me a line...

In any case, if you love dinosaurs, if you love Gary and Eric and if you love opening your wallet and pledging money to back wonderful projects such as this one, then who am I to stop you?! Go ahead! And be sure to spread the word to all dinosaur and Gary/Eric fans. Let's do this, people!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chiodo Bros!

Here's some footage of the Chiodo Bros. various stop motion work, with some highlights from the Dinosaur shows!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Volcano Show!

Introducing The Volcano Show from Gary and Eric! Originally part of the unfinished shows that I mentioned earlier, the Volcano Show has recently been completed and added to the DVD release of More Dinosaurs and Son of Dinosaurs! In the show, a volcano begins to grow in Eric's backyard, prompting him to find out as much useful info about it as he can before it's too late...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Has Arrived

The time has come, friends. The DVD of More Dinosaurs, Son of Dinosaurs, and The Volcano Show is here and ready to be ordered! For the moment you can order directly from

Also keep in mind that if your fav Dinosaur show isn't on this release, the sales from the first DVD will help fund the 2nd with shows like Prehistoric World and Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs!

You can also try mentioning this blog and see if Richard will throw anything your way ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Volcano Show, and other Mysterious Gary and Eric Adventures

Remember when I mentioned Gary and Eric had more shows in production besides ones about dinosaurs? No? Well they did! And one will be included on the DVD release of More Dinosaurs and Son of Dinosaurs as "The Volcano Show"!

Producer Richard Jones explains...

Here’s the deal with “The Volcano Show”, and other unfinished specials that were in various stages of production:

Despite our first home video distributor going out of business in the early 90s, we knew our audience enjoyed the “Dinosaur Shows”, and we enjoyed making them, so Midwich Entertainment plunged ahead trying to finish more specials starring Gary Owens and Eric Boardman. We finished “The Wondrous World of Weird Animals” and “Return of Dinosaurs” so that our new video distributor would have new product to promote while also trying to sell “The Dinosaur Shows” that had already been available on home video. At this point, The Disney Channel was still interested in licensing our shows.

So, we began production on:

The Space Show – segments were shot at the Smithsonian and Space Camp (some of which will be seen on the upcoming “More Dinosaurs” DVD release)

The Bug Show – we shot segments with Gary at The L.A. Natural History Museum’s Insect Zoo, Eric at the Smithsonian’s and The Cincinnati Zoo’s insect exhibits, Gary’s odd encounter with a crabby ladybug (Bill Saluga) and a ditzy bee (Patti Deutsch), and Gary and Eric poking around the Los Angeles County Insect Fair. (This show’s field shooting was pretty close to completion, some segments were edited, and we even had titles!)

The Fish Show – we shot some field segments with Eric at the aquariums in Chicago, Baltimore, and New Orleans. (We may put some of the rough cuts of the segments on the next DVD release)

The Volcano Show – will be making its debut soon on the “More Dinosaurs” DVD. We had shot all the segments over a few years including Eric’s trips to Hawaii and Yellowstone, and Gary’s meeting with Mr. Magma – the talking lava flow (built and operated by Chiodo Brothers Productions). In the mid-1990s, we finished the edit, David Spear scored it, and we did final audio post production… just as our deal with the second video distributor was becoming a problem (after the person who had acquired our shows left the company, they had second thoughts about getting into the kid-vid market) and The Disney Channel was shifting its focus to sit-com type series and no longer was interested in educational specials. Without home video and a cable outlet, production had to cease.

So now, 16 years later, after investing in a little final post production, The Volcano Show is finally going to see the light of day. We think the fans of the “Dinosaur Shows” will enjoy it as both a fascinating look at the spectacle of volcanic activity, and a chance to see Gary and Eric together again after all these years.

Richard Jones-Producer

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gary, Eric, Lisa, those Two Girls, the Smartest Kid in the World, and Lee van Cleef

Here is some more footage from Knotts Berry farm, showing Gary interviewing an interpreter named Lisa at the end of the ride, then Eric romping around the park interviewing the locals. That kid really is amazing. I bet he saw some of the earlier Gary and Eric shows.

But do you see that train scene near the end there? In Son of Dinosaurs this is where Gary and Eric first bump into their soviet spy. But did you know the train scene was originally written for a spaghetti western star? Producer Richard Jones explains...

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes trivia now that Dinosaur Theatre has posted the clip of the “A Spy Tails Gary and Eric”:

When “Son of Dinosaurs” began production it was planned that the total running time was going to be about 88 minutes so that it could air in syndication as two, 1- hour specials. The clip posted was going to be the reintroduction to the plot at the beginning of part 2. Anyway, for a variety of reasons, and the fact that the Disney Channel licensed the programs, the plan changed to make just a one part hour show. Some of the material that later showed up in “Return of Dinosaurs” was actually stuff that was shot to be in “Son of Dinosaurs”, including the rest of Eric’s trip to Canada and the Albertosaurus unveiling in New Mexico.

Probably the most interesting thing that almost happened, was that “the man who will stop at nothing to get the egg” was not going to be a Russian spy, but rather “Spaghetti Western” icon Lee Van Cleef. I had worked with Lee on a Civil War documentary (see photo) a few months before starting plans for “Son of Dinosaurs”.

We began talking about doing a cameo in a kid’s-show, and he seemed to like the idea. The script was written with him in mind. If you look at the train scene at Knott’s Berry Farm, it is clearly referencing Lee’s first scene in “For A Few Dollars More”. Lee and I even got to the point of discussing wardrobe to replicate that look. When I told Knott’s that Lee may be coming to do the scene, the cowboy performers there were thrilled with the idea of having the bad guy from classic Westerns from “High Noon” to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” spending some time at Knott’s.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the stumbling block was money. These were low-budget children’s documentary productions and Lee (or maybe his agent) couldn't rationalize working for so little. In fairness to the other performers, I couldn't offer more. I hired Alex Rodine, and he did a great job. He had played many enemy agents over a long movie and television career, and liked the idea of doing something for his grandson.

At the time, I was of course disappointed, but it probably didn't make much difference in the kid’s-show universe. It would have been interesting to get Lee and Jimmy Stewart in the same room again – they had worked together in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” and “How The West Was Won”…but it wouldn't have meant much to dinosaur-loving kids. Over the long haul, it may have given some cult status to “Son of Dinosaurs”.

Richard Jones- Producer

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Spy Tails Gary and Eric

An unused transition between the two halves of Son of Dinosaurs. Here the Russian spy overviews his plans for the duo with headquarters.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eric Boardman and Some "Real Life" Dino's

Here Eric continues his search for a real live dinosaur in the dinosaur capital of the world; Vernal, Utah.

He also runs into a couple of branches and smacks himself in the face but no one said his journey wouldn't be without peril!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dan Chure and Eric Boardman Chit Chat About Dino's

Eric and Dan take a seat on the fossilized remains of creatures past in this interview shot for "More Dinosaurs."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A while ago I mentioned to you guys that we all had the chance to interview Gary and Eric, and asked you come up with some questions. Well, after braving many perilous obstacles I come bearing gifts. Let's see what our two favorite dinosaur guys have to say for themselves...

Dinosaurtheatre: Were you both interested in dinosaurs before you did these documentaries?

Gary: It was when I was a little kid growing up in South Dakota that I first became fascinated with them! Many important discoveries have been made in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota over the years.

Eric: Dinosaurs have always been a passion of mine. I had dozens of plastics models and dino toys. Like a hungry raptor I devoured the entire paleontology section of the library in my little home town in Illinois.

My affection and curiosity for the creatures continued when I became a fourth and fifth grade science teacher at a suburban Chicago private school. We set up in a diorama in the classroom and, of course, each kid researched his favorite Cretaceous-era critter.

Looking back it is interesting to note that so many advances and discoveries have been made in our understanding of dinosaurs since I was a kid---and since I was a teacher. This was all before the great extinction theory was offered up by Dr. Luis Alvarez and his son Walter in 1980.

Not to brag, but I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Walter very well. He and his dad risked their scientific reputations on what was regarded as a crackpot notion. An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs!?! Come on! Ten years after they submitted their paper, the impact crater off the coast of Mexico was found to confirm their theory. Finally, they were recognized for their brilliance---and courage. In conversation, Walter is eager to point out the miracle of fate that allowed humans to become dominant on Earth. Dinosaurs ruled the planet for 160 million years. Had that asteroid arrive 45 seconds earlier---or 45 seconds later---it would have missed the Earth altogether and the big beasts would still be in charge. The thought takes my breath away.


Dinosaurtheatre: What is your favorite of the documentaries? What is your favorite of the segments you did?

I loved them all, but if I had to pick a favorite I'd have to say turning into a “Garyosaurus” was a high point. The Chiodo Brothers did a great job on that stop motion puppet. I also enjoyed hanging out at the Tar Pits with Frank Nelson, Charlie Callas, Bill Saluga and Dave Willock.

Eric: Even though our shows were produced several years ago, my memories burn bright. Highlights include the weekend we spent at University of California in Berkeley with some amazing scientists. Paleontologists are a different breed. I enjoyed every encounter with them whether it be on a college campus or out in the field at an excavation site. And I gained such respect for the type of individual who devotes his life to the quest. This is hard, grueling, and dirty work with infrequent pay-offs. Yet, there they are in the hot sun, scratching in the dirt wit so that you and I will have a better comprehension of life on Earth.

Speaking of work, we often shot in museums late at night after the public was gone and yes, there in the dark surrounded by skeletons and artifacts my imagination would run. Goose pimples were not unusual. Hold it, did that shadow just move?

The trip to England and our visit to the Crystal Palace was remarkable. Here we saw what was once state-of-the-art thinking about dinosaurs. It was reminder that science is constantly changing as information grows and new ideas replace old ones.

Finally, I was tickled to work with Frank Nelson, a comic actor of legendary proportions from his work with Jack Benny on the radio and TV. He played the man-behind-the counter at L.A.’s Natural History Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits. Here he was in his early 80s and yet he had more energy and enthusiasm than anyone for on the set. He never flubbed a line or missed a cue. Something that can never be said about yours truly.


Dinosaurtheatre: How is the Ceratosaur you guys hatched doing? It must be fully grown by now.

Gary: He’s in his early 20s now and just graduated from college. Eric and I went to the graduation ceremony and were very proud, although there was a small incident when the Dean tried to hand him his diploma. But, don’t worry, the Dean is expected to make a full recovery.

Eric: Our little Ceratosaur should be starring in a reality series about growing up in Hollywood. It’s not easy being the only theropod in school, but he’ll soon be teaching paleontology at Harvard.


Dinosaurtheatre: What is your guys' favorite dinosaur? (this question assumes Eric's favorite may not really be the Stegosaurus)

Gary: The Googlersaurus because it looks like Warren Beatty.

Eric: I still like the Stegosaurus for his amazing looks, his vegetarian diet, and the possibility that he had a second brain that controlled that tail. He was a gentle giant who could take care of himself in a fight if necessary.


Dinosaurtheatre: Eric, do you still constantly wear sweaters?

Because Eric is so tall he ended up having to wear Garrison Keillor’s old pull-overs.

Eric: Let me defend my choice of wardrobe by saying those sweaters were fashionable at the time. (1980s) Check out a rerun of the Bill Cosby Show. Now, I only wear the occasional sweater when the temperature in Los Angeles dips below 50 degrees. And most likely it would be a simple, single color sweater vest and button down shirt.


Dinosaurtheatre: Gary, how did you turn back from being a dinosaur?

It was all thanks to a daily slathering of Floogerman’s fabulous line of salves and ointments.

Eric: I’m not sure Gary has turned back. One thing for sure he is super paranoid about asteroids.


Dinosaurtheatre: Gary, is that really your house in "More Dinosaurs"?! If not, where that house located and who actually owns it?

Gary : No, it wasn't my house, it was dinosaur maven and sci-fi writer Don Glut’s place in beautiful suburban Burbank. We thank him so much for letting us utilize it! My wife and I actually live in a tree-house near Beverly Hills.

Best Krelbs to all you dinosaur-lovers out there,

Gary Owens


I'd just like to thank Mr. Owens and Mr. Boardman for taking the time to answer our questions as we, their adoring fans, surely appreciate it! If anyone else has any questions for Gary and Eric I can see if they'll be willing to answer those as well, so just send them my way!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Interview With a Couple of Girls in Knotts Berry Farm

Continuing the theme of Knotts, Eric Boardman goes on an interview frenzy on the streets of Knotts Berry Farm in order to get some footage. Here we see Eric interviewing a couple of girls who have just bought a cheesy cactus from a giftshop. Let's see what they have to say...

If you see Gary Owens, be sure to tell him you hope he has a wonderful life!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time to Ask the Audience

The year is 1987. Knotts Berry Farm, in Beuna Park California, has just updated their old "Bear-y Tales" ride into the "Kingdom of the Dinosaurs."

And who better to begin the opening ceremonies that the "Dinosaur Guys" themselves, Eric and Gary? Well, no one really. So here they are!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Beginnings of a Dinosaur Safari

A transitional scene from More Dinosaurs that has Eric headed out on his dinosaur safari in pith helmet and gear, with some zooms on a dinosaur sculpture to cap it off.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eric Boardman: Giftshopper Extraordinaire

Here's a clip of Eric stocking up on the essentials in this clip from More Dinosaurs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The "Original" Dinosaurs

This was the opening sequence to the original "Dinosaurs" television documentary from 1984. This one-off proved to be very popular, and eventually launched the start of the rest of the dinosaur shows which you guys know and love.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eric and Gary and a Whole Bunch O' Dinos

Here's a promotional pitch from Gary and Eric to sell the show for potential syndication. It was never used, however, as the shows were picked up to air on the Disney Channel.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun, Facts and Fantasy

Here's a documentary from 80s Britain, with singing crocodiles, cheerful melodies and everyone's favorite speculative evolution artist Dougal Dixon as program consultant and animator!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tapes, tapes, and the Dinosaur Hunters Club

Hey there everybody, got some more goods for ya!

This is from the Twin Tower video catalog, where you could order the dinosaur (and other!) shows from back when VHS was something people had catalogs of.

And what's this? This is a page from the Dinosaur Hunters fan club booklet, which you could sign up for via the address in the credits of each show if I remember correctly.

And here's a page of about fan response to the videos; some heartwarming stuff here, folks!

Were any of you members of the Dinosaur Hunters Club back in the day? If so sound off below in the comments section, I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poster Time!

Hello again, everyone! Below is a promotional poster from Canada for the video release of "More Dinosaurs." The shows were already popular and by then even more shows were in the works, as is evident by the "Coming Soon! More Dinosaurs 2!" in the corner there. (Richard Jones, Producer and Writer of the shows tells me that Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs was already released in the US, so he doesn't know where "More Dinosaurs 2" came from!) In fact, a good many shows were produced or in production staring Gary and Eric, and not just about dinosaurs! I'll explain later, but for now enjoy some "Dinosaurmania."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone, Dinosaurtheatre here. I just wanted to offer a warm welcome to my newly minted blog. As a companion to my youtube page at, I hope to make some interesting an insightful posts about various dinosaur documentaries that I find or other fascinating tidbits that come my way.

As some of you may know, I started my Dinosaurtheatre youtube page with a strong interest in the Gary Owens/Eric Boardman documentaries. Eventually I came into contact with the producer of these shows, and over last few years I've been involved in an impending DVD re-release of these hallmarks of 80's dino entertainment.

A good chunk of the information I'll be posting here will be insight and never before seen clips from these documentaries, and to start us off I have some raw test footage from Son of Dinosaurs. Here, the baby ceratosaurus made by the Chiodo Brothers does his thing in a series of various shots.

I will be posting more edited clips soon, and remember, if you have anything you wanted to ask Gary Owens or Eric Boardman, just send me some questions and I'll pass them along.