Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kickstart A Dinosaur! Save DINOSAURS, DINOSAURS, DINOSAURS From Extinction!

Richard Jones, producer of the Gary and Eric documentaries, has just launched a Kickstarter page to help drum up funds for the next Gary and Eric dinosaur show DVD!

Click that! ^

Is your favorite show not on the first DVD?! (Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs sadly isn't!) Then I bet it's probably on the second! With Kickstarter, you can pledge to donate money (and receive various rewards) and you won't be charged unless the project completes its goal; virtually a non-losing proposition!

I've just donated, but between you and me I have my eye on that Grand Tour package sitting around the 2.5k mark...if any 3 people wanna split  625 bucks with me we, drop me a line...

In any case, if you love dinosaurs, if you love Gary and Eric and if you love opening your wallet and pledging money to back wonderful projects such as this one, then who am I to stop you?! Go ahead! And be sure to spread the word to all dinosaur and Gary/Eric fans. Let's do this, people!


  1. I love Kickstarter... Checking out the description, does this mean they're saving Return of Dinosaurs and the original Dinosaurs special for a third DVD?

  2. The original TV edit of Dinosaurs couldn't be released as it was due to some rights issues with footage, but More Dinosaurs was essentially a home version of the TV edit with little changed. In a similar fashion, Return of Dinosaurs mainly comprised of clips from other shows or what was already on the More Dinosaurs DVD release, mainly a stampede claymation, Eric in Canada, and the William Stout interview. The remaining footage will probably end up in the second DVD.