Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grand Tour!

Hey guys, just wanted to mention the "Grand Tour" reward on the DINOSAURS DINOSAURS DINOSAURS Kickstarter page (

In order for this work, 4 people need to pledge, and then we all have to agree to a date to go on the tour. At the moment two of us have already pledged the amount, so we only need 2 more people! If anyone's interested, just pledge on the Kickstarter, or contact me!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gary and Eric at Kingdom of the Dinosaurs

Here is some raw footage of Gary and Eric at Knotts Berry Farm, on their now defunct ride, Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (1987-2004). You can see a lot of good information on the ride here at the Knotts Preserved website,

This was shot for Son of Dinosaurs, and you may recognize some of the cuts, only now you can hear Richard Jones in the background!

And don't forget about the Kickstarter! We're halfway there and need to keep the momentum going to get all the dinosaur show re-released in their DVD glory!